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Mindfullness is a comprehensive outpatient practice specializing in the treatment and recovery of eating disorders. We offer empirically supported treatment and utilize a team-based approach to ensure quality care and the best opportunity for recovery. Mindfullness treats the full spectrum of eating and body image concerns. As licensed psychologists, we also address anxiety, depression, relationship issues and other mental health difficulties.

It is possible to feel better and make changes in your life. We can help you explore emotions related to current problems and teach you new ways of coping, communicating, and managing your feelings. Our role is to help you feel better and increase your awareness both about yourself and the things you do.

It takes courage to address your problems and make changes in your life. Mindfullness provides a warm and supportive environment. We encourage you to talk openly about your thoughts and feelings. Together, we can better understand factors contributing to current difficulties and help you make the changes you are looking for.


The mission of Mindfullness is to assist those suffering from food and body image disturbances in obtaining full recovery. At Mindfullness, we believe full and lasting recovery from an eating disorder and life free from food and weight preoccupation is possible. We believe this is the life each individual deserves to live.

As a result of my work with Dr. Vazzano, not only has my eating disorder recovery come further than I ever expected, my life as a whole has greatly improved.


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