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Fall Season, pumpkin spice and new beginnings!

As Fall and the autumn season dawn upon us, I reflect on new beginnings. For many, January if the time of year associated with a new beginning, new intentions and resolution. For me, Fall has always been this time. I think it is my love of pumpkin everything(!) the transition of seasons,  the beauty of the fall foliage here in the midwest, and the nostalgia of back to school that brings me to this place of new beginnings.

So here I am, pondering new beginnings in the midst of the autumn transition.

What does the idea of new beginnings mean for  your eating disorder recovery? Recovery is a process that involves commitment every day. Commitment to your values, meal plan, and the things that restore you. Today I challenge you to commit to what would help you reset and recharge your recovery. Find a new beginning that works for you!


And look for other new changes coming soon at www.mindfullness.com!

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