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The New Year: Not a Time for Resolution but Reflection

Happy 2018! As the New Year kicks off to a snowy and chilly start (at least here in Michigan) we are confronted with ideas, conversations, and articles about resolutions and ways to create a new and better you in the New Year. Many of these conversations focus on developing a weight loss or diet plan. These messages (for all of us) but especially those suffering from an ED can be difficult to ignore.

Part of recovery means developing resilience against harmful messages that can fuel the ED. It also means following your own path that works for you, even if that means going against the majority. It’s not easy, but it is essential.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, I challenge you to resist the New Years hype and focus on your health and recovery versus diets and weight loss. Resolve to resist the cultural hype by remembering why diets don’t work. Skip the resolutions that end up adding extra pressure and are usually quickly discarded and take some time to reflect.

Ask yourself:

  • What is most important to you in this New Year? How can you focus your behaviors and energy in a way that works toward the things you value most?
  • Dig deep and examine your ED behaviors. Are they helping you move toward your goals and values? Are they adding to your life or making it more difficult?
  • Again, being honest, ask yourself “If I continue in the same direction with my ED how will my life look in 2019? How will my health, relationships, work, mood be affected?”

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