Mindfullness: A Community for Eating Disorders Recovery


Welcome to Mindfullness!

Mindfullness provides recovery services  for individuals affected by an eating disorder. As a clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders, I know how complicated these illnesses are. We hear the words “anorexia,” “bulimia,” and “binge eating” thrown around in casual conversation all the time. Yet there is nothing casual about these illnesses. They deserve to be taken seriously and treated appropriately.

Mindfullness provides the following services to help individuals and families affected by an eating disorder:

* Individual psychotherapy (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, depression, anxiety and relationship issues),

* Family Based treatment for Adolescents (Anorexia, Bulimia)

* Break the Cycle: an innovative 6 week program for families to help children/adolescents experiencing loss of control or binge eating

*Community support forums via blog posts

*Educational and prevention programs for hospitals, universities, schools, sororities and other interested organizations

* Professional supervision and group trainings for clinicians interested in obtaining training to treat eating disorders

I invite to you to explore this web site and use the resources that best suit your needs. I welcome participation in community support group forums and responses to blog posts. Mindfullness is a pro-recovery site. Out of respect for the recovery process, discussion of specific diet/exercise plans and numbers such as calories and weight is not allowed.

True recovery from an eating disorder and a life free from food and weight preoccupation is possible. This is the life I believe you deserve to live. I look forward to hearing from  you.

Kristine Vazzano, PhD, LP